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  • I work with adults to help them find meaning & purpose on their grief journey.

    Serving all of Colorado virtually, & the Denver Metro area in person.


    ON one hand, you want to be here, on the other you do not. You are here because your world has shattered around you and you are looking for the pieces to rebuild your life. Whether a death has brought you here, or a non-death loss, you have found yourself here. Welcome. Grief has brought you to a place you never hoped you would be. The deep sadness that appears to never end. The questions of why and what next seem to keep looping in your head. You are not alone.

    "We never lose our loved ones. They accompany us; they don’t disappear from our lives. We are merely in different rooms." Paulo Coelho

    Grief is an expression of how deeply we loved, and therefore that can make grief beautiful in its own way. It can be helpful to have a guide to walk with you on your grief journey. Guides can share your pain with you so you do not have to carry it alone. A guide can help you find hope when the darkness does not seem to lift. It may be difficult to make sense of much at this time. Grief is exhausting and zaps our energy. It may feel as if you are walking through quicksand, mud, or that your legs are just too heavy to lift. While the way through may not be visible to you right now, there are many paths forward. Let’s work together to find yours.

    If you would like to learn how to keep their memory alive as you move forward and find your purpose,
    get started by. . . reaching out today!


    Rate: $150 for a 55-minute session.